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  • Turbo

    Theo (Ryan Reynolds), a small garden snail from Venice, California spends his days working at The Plant and his evenings watching races on a television in a nearby garage. His racing ambitions aren’t appreciated by his older brother, Chet (Paul Giamatti), who refuses to address him by his self-appointed nickname, Turbo. Frustrated by his inherent…

  • R.I.P.D.

    This review was first published on Steven’s website You’ve only got yourself to blame if you don’t visit it. When Boston detective Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) is murdered by his colleague and friend Bobby Hayes (Kevin Bacon), he finds himself plucked from the beyond by Mildred Proctor (Mary-Louise Parker) and recruited into the Rest…

  • The Croods

    Bizarre visuals, outdated humour and a needlessly abstract moral prevent this prehistoric offering from DreamWorks Animation from living up to its potential. The animation flows smoothly enough and the 3D doesn’t offend, but when it’s difficult to recognise the message, let alone the wildlife, it’s fair to say that something has missed the mark.