More Girl With A Dragon Tattoo casting

So, we know who’s playing Lisbeth, we know who’s playing Mikael, we know who’s playing Berger and we know who’s playing Henrik Vanger. And so far, they’ve all been pretty impressive choices. To round out the pack, Fincher has announced that the middle-aged, unattractive but solid good-guy Armansky will be played by…Goran Visnijic. As in hottie doctor Luca from ER. Right.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy looking at attractive people – heck, it’s why BFF towers is decked floor to ceiling in mirrors – but come now, not a single person cast so far is anything less than magnificent looking (that’s right Christopher Plummer, we still would.) Armansky’s character (Lisbeth’s well-meaning but pretty dull boss) is tied up in the fact that he’s far too unattractive to ever beguile the stroppy young hacker – to have Dr Kovac smouldering away with that glorious mane-hair seems to be a little inappropriate. But hey, we’re not in too much a mood about it, better than than someone who looks like a normal human being eh? Urgh, perish the thought…

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