Muriel’s Wedding team reunite for new film Mental

How many years have we waited for Toni Collette and PJ Hogan to get things back together? A shamefully long time. The star and director of the utterly delicious Muriel’s Wedding are beginning a new project together after 17 years, and we’re donning our ABBA best (anything from John‘s wardrobe) in celebration.

Both went on to great success after the 1994 Aussie hit about an ABBA obsessed bride; with PJ Hogan directing My Best Friend’s Wedding and the, ahem, seminal Confessions Of A Shopaholic, and Toni Collette winning hearts all over the globe for her various roles in Little Miss Sunshine, About A Boy and The Sixth Sense. They’ll be joining forces once again for Mental: Collette will star as a nanny hired to look after the five daughters of a local politician who has just committed his wife to a hospital. Will hilarity ensue? It better.

No more news on co-stars or plot, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. Now, altogether, “You -huu can dance, youuu can jiii-hiive”…

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