New Battle: Los Angeles trailer is no meteor shower

A new trailer has landed for alien invasion flick Battle: Los Angeles (not World Invasion: Battle LA as earlier reports seemed to suggest) and it’s – well, it’s a bit OK really.

A beefier version of the previous trailer, we get a better sense of scope as bad stuff hits the fan and Aaron Eckhart struggles to keep up with his troop of soldiers on a routine sea-side run. As Inception-esque horns kick in for some rent-an-atmosphere and the cameraman suffers a fit of the shakes, it is clear that this is one for our serious-faces. Unlike Skyline, however, which betrayed our efforts with Razzie-winning craptitude, Battle: Los Angeles looks like it might be worth the suspension of disbelief and apparent lack of comic relief.

When a meteor shower turns out to be an alien invasion (damn you Michael Fish!), a marine staff sergeant (Eckhart) and Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez) must survive long enough to salvage some sort of victory. With bacteria proving little use against these aliens, it is clear from the action heavy trailer that this is going to be no small ask.

With director Jonathan Liebesman now off clashing with the Titans sequel, Battle: Los Angeles will be our first real indication of how the director might fare with such a large scale production. On the evidence teased here, I’d say a few million times better than the original’s Louis Leterrier.

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