New Dark Knight Rises posters are just awful

The Dark Knight Rises is out in just over a month, and after the surprising treat that was yesterday’s new clip we were feeling quite forgiving about Warner Bros’ relentless shitty publicity machine. And then these posters happened. If they’re real, we’re not sure we can carry on.

Look. Click to enlarge if you must (the top one will rotate) and marvel at who would write “High Q poster’s picture” on everything for no discernable reason.

We’re desperately assuming that these are simply some more crappy fan-made images, although previous posters have shown us that there are few depths to which the DKR public relations team won’t stoop. One of the friendly gargoyles crouching on the gothic spires of Best For Film Towers has suggested that, given the unusually plasticky look of the characters, these might actually be publicity images from the Dark Knight Rises video game. Sounds plausible to us – just as long as they’re not actually trying to sell the bloody film like this…

Do you think you get to choose Catwoman’s outfit in the game? Ahem.

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