New INTERACTIVE poster for Woman In Black

Yet more Woman In Black marketing? If they’re not careful we’ll all have intimate knowledge of this mysterious woman including headshots and dietary preferences before we’ve even booked our tickets. Still. MOVEY MOVEY POSTER WITH ADDED SCARY MOVING STUFF, ooooh.

We got a spanking new trailer for the upcoming chiller but a few days ago, and every day our excitement is growing. You’re probably already aware of our love for the Volde-thwarting kid Daniel Radcliffe, and hopefully this will be the role that proves to the world he is a lot more than just a weedy wand facilitator. Go play with the poster, go go:

[swfobj src=”″ width=”510″ height=”705″]

Bit confused? WAVE YOUR MOUSE ACROSS IT and watch the poster change from a fairly standard Insidious knock-off to a FAIRLY STANDARD INSIDIOUS KNOCK-OFF WITH AN EVIL MONKEY WANTING A HUG.

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