New Poster for Final Destination 5

Once again, the team behind the Final Destination movies prove they don’t really understand the concept of finality. We had the original Final Destination Trilogy, then the fourth installment, more emphatically titled The Final Destination (we could only dream of such things), and now this. Final Destination 5.

So what can we expect from this most recent addition to the torture porn franchise? This time it’s a man’s premonition that saves a group of co-workers from a terrifying bridge collapse. Once again, this pisses off Death no end, and instead of just doing away with them while they sleep, he spends his time killing them in all manner of grisly and ridiculous ways. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s EXACTLY THE SAME AS ALL THE OTHERS! IT’S LIKE THERE’S A FINAL DESTINATION WIZARD! Give me strength.

There’s not a lot you can say about a skull with nails in its face. If anything, it raises more questions than it answers. The film’s logline “Death has never been closer” is another cracker though, up there with “Rest In Pieces”, “This Ride Will Be The Death Of You” and “For Every Beginning There Is An End”. Again the film will be in glorious, gory 3D, though it will mark the directorial debut of Steven Quale. Could he be a brave, new voice in the landscape of cinema? Not bloody likely. The film is scheduled to hit our cinemas on the 26th August. Do something else that night yeah?

So whaddaya think? Do you care? Convince us this is a film worth seeing!

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