New Toy Story Poster Released

It’s becoming the norm for Disney to drip-feed us movie information, trailers and posters over a ridiculously long amount of time. But you know what? When it comes to Toy Story 3, we just don’t mind.

The last poster revealed all of the new characters along with the old, this time around we say a big old hello to the classic crew, who all look terrified having rocked up to the Sunnydale Day Care Centre. Look at their little faces. Oh dear, what’s happened to us?

The only worry with this method is that we end up knowing too much about the film before it’s released, and we don’t want nothin to taint our appreciation of the third film in such a beloved series. Are we expecting too much? Perhaps. Only time will tell. To infinity, and back down to earth with a bump…


Are you as over-excited as we are? Let us know below…

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