New Twilight Eclipse Trailer

Screaming hordes of hormones, look no further! The new trailer for the third twilight film has just been released, and it’s all looking just as dark and penetrating as the first two. Whew. So this time around, Bella has to make a heart-breaking choice, will she choose to live an undead life with Edward or a furry future with Jacob? It’s the vampyric phenomenon that has spawned a new generation of dark eyed blood-lovers, and probably quite a lot of Robert Pattinson-based day-dreams for teenage girls. The concluding film will be out next year, though of course, everyone who started with the books will already know how it ends.

Twilight 3 (part one) opens in the US in June of this year, so we’ll be waiting a little longer to find out what happens in the UK. But for all those who can’t wait for a sneaky peek, here’s the trailer. Enjoy.

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