New tv-spot for Brave shows us that stuff we’ve already seen

We’re not sure what’s worse: a marketing campaign that insists on showing every single exciting bit of the film its pushing leaving no surprises for the eager, lowly audience member, or a campaign that just rehashes the same four minutes of footage and pretends its something fresh. Actually, we do know, and it’s the second one. STOP DOING THE SECOND ONE, BRAVE.

So, as we know from everything we’ve seen so far, Merida is a headstrong princess who doesn’t want to leave her husband-choosing to some poxy archery tournament. INSTEAD she wins it herself, finds a witch, does a thing *SPOILER PROBABLY* turns all her family into bears and then rides about on a horse going “OCH MY HAIR IS AFLAME WITH A THOUSAND ORANGE SULLYS FROM MONSTERS INC”

Well guess what? It’s all happening again here.

“If you had the chance to change your fate… would you?” FOR THE LAST TIME MERIDA, YES. We’d change our fate so that we never had to hear you ask that question again. Anyway, it’s probably going to be lovely and we need to stop grumbling. Really though, if we see that shot of her firing that arrow one more time…

Is it time to go home yet? It feels it’s time to go home…

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