New (vaguely baffling) featurette for Brave now online

Does anyone know what’s happened to the Brave marketing? After showing us basically the same clip over and over again (“if you had the chance to change your fate… would you?) Pixar have completely changed their strategy (yay!) and instead have begun a series of piss-taking mock-adverts (…eh?). This nudge-nudge-wink-wink type marketing isn’t what we usually associated with wholesome Pixar fare, and to be honest, we’re not totally sure what to make of it. Also, is that CURLZ MT we can see? Is there EVER an excuse for Cultz MT?

Take a look, and you’ll see what we mean. It feels a little like they’re trying to emulate the arch and knowing tone that made the Muppet marketing campaign so utterly wonderful, but… well… without any jokes.

We don’t know about you, but we expect Pixar to be above this sort of stuff. The team released something similar a couple of weeks ago (mainly a minute of going HOW FUNNY IS SCOTTISH STUFF? WELL FUNNY) and it just doesn’t seem to fit with Pixar’s existing joyful aesthetic. Sure, the marketing for a film doesn’t always necessarily reflect the quality of the content, but considering this is work coming from one of the most successful studios in the film business, we just expected something a little more… well… classy.

Are we being animation snobs? Take us down a peg or two below:

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