Noel Fielding Announces Plans for a Mighty Boosh Film

Keeping up his favoured hobby of being as irritatingly vague and self-consciously odd as possible, Noel Fielding has sort-of-but-basically-don’t-hold-your-breath revealed that he and Julian Barratt are planning to start work on a film of The Mighty Boosh. Apparently he’s as shocked that he’s actually got something done as we are, and so while announcing that his bloody awful sketch show has already been commissioned for a second series, he also said the following..

“I saw Julian, we went sledging together so we were talking about a Boosh where we should get together and do a film, finally! There’ll definitely be sledging in the Boosh film, there’ll have to be won’t there?”

Bearing in mind that Saturday is the four year anniversary of the last season of the technically-not-dead-yet Boosh TV series, forgive us for taking this announcement as Mr Fielding getting a little dizzy on lemonade. The thought of feature length Boosh is intriguing: the 2008 Mighty Boosh tour remains the highlight of the entire endeavour. But bearing in mind that neither he nor Barratt have produced anything worth watching since said tour – and we’re including the third season in that – we’re going to pretend this hasn’t happened and go back to not watching Luxury Comedy.

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