Official Scream 4 Site Launches

It’s nearly time to turn up the terror temperature to official blood-curdling boiling point: the Scream 4 website has launched, and Craven cronies, whose twisted little insides have been anticipating in sanguineous simmer, can get their franchise-fix all from the bona fide Dimension Film’s source itself. The teaser-site is replete with the full-length trailer (which looks to promise Hayden Panettiere meeting a gloriously eviscerating demise), sexy-scary stills, Red Carpet Premiere competitions and gorishly novel downloads. And for those who wish to indulge their pathological Ghostface fetish through anonymous emulation, there is the “Scream 4 Voice Mask Call Scare-share“; exactly what you choose to do with your newly-acquired caller-identity is of course out of the distributors’ hands…

Unlike most initial launches, the site is already built up and connected through Facebook, but nevertheless, true to the Scream rulebook, the website remains cryptically coquettish. The sequel could very well be an original cast blood-bath, or a horror musical about Courtney Cox’s plasticised face. Until April 15th, we can’t be sure of either.

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