Orlando Bloom’s hair stars in new Three Musketeers pics

Now, we’re already fairly sure – based on the trailer – that the Three Musketeers is going to be rather silly. I mean, come on, its directed by Paul “Mortal Kombat” WS Anderson, it stars Logan Lerman, Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich for goodness’ sake, and there’s, like, a massive airship in it that will probably crash into something bosom-y and expensive whilst various priests do some fencing. Anyway, have some pictures! Orlando Bloom looks ridiculous.

Here you go, feast thine tender eyes:

and finally, sporting the combined stylings of Peter Andre and Mark Lamarr…

The sex-em-up-take-em-down adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas classic will hit our screens in October this year. Yes, of course we’re going to go and watch it. Did you not see the pictures? Of course we’re going to watch it. BOW DOWN TO THE QUIFF.

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