Paradise Lost to be made into a film. Epic.

What do you do when you’ve run out of sequels to produce, television programmes to turn into spin offs and novels to adapt? Why, isn’t it obvious? You seek and find an epic, religious poem to toy with, putting it through it’s paces and whacking out a bit of 3D action. And if you’re name is Alex Proyas, who’s to stop you popping in a bit of science fiction for good measure.

Warner Bros are set to distrubute and there have been several writers on the case, trying to adapt over ten thousand lines of verse into a hard hitting, celestial battle between Satan and his rebel angels (who I imagine are leather clad on motorbikes. Dreamy) and all things good. But a Lord of The Rings ugly-ork battle this is not. Satan is hot. But boy, does he know it.

Whether or not a film adaptation will do the classical work justice, there is no doubt it is an interesting idea. Just think where we could go from here? There’s already been countless films based on religious icons and even a funky musical, where Jesus is regarded as a “superstar”. Personally, I’m looking forward to star-studded, all singing, all dancing, adaptation of the bible, from the old testament to the new without leaving anything out and set underwater. In 3D.

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