Radcliffe denies ‘Harry Pothead’ Allegations

Poor old Daniel. Almost all teenagers suffer suspicious parents when it comes to the issue of drugs, but very rarely does the entire world insist on rooting through your pants drawer. Allegations of cannabis abuse continue to rain down upon the Harry Potter star, and we can’t help feeling a bit sorry for the poor lad.

Last week the Daily Mirror printed photos of Radcliffe at a friend’s house, holding a rollup, with a beard drawn on his face. The media instantly whipped up a storm about the teenager’s responsibility as an inspriation to young kids everywhere, and his inevitable descend into the murky underworld of stardom. Clearly, this boy is a danger to society.

Let’s be clear here, the wizard wasn’t slumped outside a crack den with a needle in his eye and a prostitude hanging off his wand. He was in a friend’s flat, with a beard on his face.  Radcliffe has released a statement denying all allegations of drug abuse, stating that he was merely holding a roll-up cigarette. Frankly we’re more interested in the beard mystery. Can Radcliffe grow a beard? Does he secretly long for Hagrid style facial hair, but a genetic deformity does not allow it? Is that why he spends his evenings drawing them on and then weeping onto the shoulders of his loved ones?  Come on Daily Mirror, latch onto the real story here and leave the boy’s smoking habits alone for a bit.

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