Reductio ad Hitlerum hits 3D cinema

It’s the news that 4chan has probably been predicting for years – although James Cameron may have done 3D better, the Nazis definitely did it first.

Australian film-maker Philippe Mora has discovered two previously unseen half-hour films shot in 3D, or ‘raum [space] film’. Imagine Triumph of the Will with Avatar‘s production values… we’re a little bit scared just thinking about it.

One of the shorts, Six Girls Roll Into Weekend, probably features stars from top wartime German studio Universum Pictures, whilst the other, So Real You Can Touch It, exclusively features some sausages. No, really, it’s just thirty minutes of some bratwursts on a barbecue. We’re not even going to make a joke about penis symbolism – you can slot it in yourself. (Which is what your mum said last night. Ooooh.)

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