Reese Witherspoon to make Disney ‘Wish List’

Soon to be seen in comedy This Means War with Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises), and having also agreed to produce Who Invited Her?, Reese Witherspoon has added yet another rom-com to the pile in the form of Disney’s Wish List.

Wish List will follow the story of a young girl who makes ten wishes at a wishing well, only for none of them to come true because her coin gets stuck on the way down. Twenty-five years later, the coin is finally hits the water, granting those long-forgotten wishes. The girl however, who is now a successful career woman, is in for quite a surprise when all her kiddie wishes suddenly start coming true.

Although this kind of material is hardly enough to challenge Miss Witherspoon, it sure does sound like a hell of a lot of Disney fun.

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