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  • This Means War

    Reese Witherspoon and two of those action type actors star in a film about action and Reese Witherspoon. A film, incidentally, which was directed by Joseph McGinty ‘look what a stupid mononym I’ve got’ Nichol. It’s mostly guns and punches and stuff, so why isn’t it too dreadful?

  • Top 10 Times Reese Witherspoon Ruined Everyone’s Life

    This week, Reese stars in This Means War, a film where she forces two lifelong friends (and also… spies? Or something. I don’t know. Ask John.) to compete for her love, destroying one another in the process. Hang on a second, haven’t we seen this before? Y’know, Reese Witherspoon systematically ruining the lives of those around her? Let’s investigate.