Rush gets new trailer

“That was the racetrack, there’s been an accident!” – if that’s not great dialogue, I don’t know what is. It’s also the opening line to the trailer for Rush, Ron Howard’s Formula 1 movie about the real-life rivalry between Niki Lauda (Chris “Thor” Hemsworth) and James Hunt (Daniel “Goodbye Lenin” Bruhl – NOT Will “Will Arnett” Arnett as I initially thought).

Here, take a look:

Ron’s got form with rivalries, and to be fair it’s pretty good form. Frost / Nixon, Arrested Development, A Beautiful Mind (well, if the internal rivalry of a schizophrenic is the same which, for the purposes of the rule of three, it is). That said, this looks a little more formulaic…well, a lot more formulaic. Lauda and Hunt are the archetypal enemies, one driven, focussed, the other a wild-child with great hair and a laissez-faire attitude towards getting his junk out, and also one of the most bizarre accents I’ve ever heard…I *think* it’s South African but there’s no way of knowing for sure. But guess the fudge what? They only bring out the bloody best in each OTHER don’t they?

The film drops on September 27, so if you liked Senna, The Fast And The Furious and Toy Story (There’s a Venn Diagram I’d like to see), then maybe clear your schedule (Prft, like you have plans, you loser).

Will you be seeing Rush? Do you think Chris Hemsworth will start zapping the other cars with Mjolnir? He’s typecast, deal with it.

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