Salt 2 script gets commissioned

Well, the first one was a success and the people involved with it are for the most part still alive. Sequel criteria fulfilled! It looks like the jolly Jolie crime caper Salt will be getting another outing, with writer Kurt Wimmer having been commission by Sony to write another script. Will it have senseless, ridiculous plot twists and a variety of fairly racist accents? It better.

Agent Salt herself, Angelina Jolie, has yet to confirm that she’ll re-join the franchise, but she made no secret of the fact that she loved being an unsexualised (…) action star the first time around. We reckon she’ll probably jump (shoot, explode, take her top off, dive, put a top back on that’s similar to the first top but quite a bit smaller, shoot…) at the opportunity.

Philip Noyce, who helmed the first film, has declined an offer to direct the sequel – leaving us all wondering who could fill the gap. We reckon someone like Greengrass could bring a lot of fun to Evelyn Salt’s adventures, whilst maintaining the full on action that made the first one so much fun. What do you reckon?

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