Sean Bean is stabbed outside London pub

Sharpe, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones star Sean Bean lived up to his hard man image this weekend when he shrugged off a violent attack in favour of another drink.

The actor, 52, was smoking outside Camden’s Hill Bar and Brasserie on Sunday night when a passer-by made a lascivious comment about his companion, glamour model April Summers.

Bean followed him down the road with the presumed intention of extracting an apology (or some teeth), and was then attacked later on in the evening when popping outside for another cigarette. It’s not clear whether the antagonist was the man who had angered Bean earlier.

Bean sustained a cut to his arm, caused by a broken glass, and was also punched in the face. However, he refused to go to hospital and was happy to be patched up by bar staff before ordering another drink. Of liquid testosterone. With a side of tits and guns. What a fucking LAD.

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