Shawn Levy set to relaunch The City That Sailed

A few years ago Will Smith was making a lot of noise about The City That Sailed, the latest in a long line of passion projects/vehicles for his mad children. Men in Black III got in the way, but now we’ve (hopefully) seen the end of Agent J it looks like the City could be casting off after all.

When it was first announced, The City That Sailed (then due to be directed by Francis Lawrence with Andrew Niccol producing a script) was about a a girl in London who manages to make the island of Manhattan break away from the continental US and float across the Atlantic by wishing on a candle or something. The plot has since been stripped back to a Noah’s Island style traditional adventure, with The City That Sailed now due to focus on “a father and daughter on the island of Manhattan as it breaks loose and sails across the Atlantic Ocean”. Super.

Anyway, Shawn Levy (Real Steel) and Audrey Wells (Under the Tuscan Sun) are now attached to direct and write the film, although Levy’s currently busy with another awful family threequel, the apparently unavoidable Night at the Musem 3. Ah well – Will Smith will get his way sooner or later. He always does.

Are we alone in just wanting Jaden and Willow Smith to get on an island which then floats off and, y’know, sinks?

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