Shrek 4 tops US box office

Though it’s not going to be opening in the UK until August, Shrek 4 has topped the US chart in its opening weekend, knocking off Iron Man 2 from the number one spot. However, its not taken anywhere near the amount Shrek 3 raked in – just $71.2 million in comparison with $121 million.

The US chart is usually a pretty good indication of how things will do over here, so it’s likely that it’ll do well in the UK too. The massively lower audiences must be a bit of a blow, but considering the lack-lustre effort from the last Shrek film, we’re not totally surprised by the figures. Shrek and Shrek 2 were vibrant, hilarious and touching films that can easily be watched over and over again. The musical I Need A Hero sequence might just go down as one of our favourite movie montages ever. Shrek 3 however… well… lets just say even a Monty Python cameo couldn’t save the script. Still, even with this news we’re willing to hope for the best with Shrek 4. Sort of.

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