Sort Of New picture from Burton’s Dark Shadows

Gluttons for predictable punishment as we are, we can’t help but keep you updated with Tim Burton’s every movement, even though those movements consist of 1) Looking at Johnny Depp 2) Telling Johnny Depp he looks nice 3) Taking a picture of Johnny Depp looking nice. With that in mind, HERE’S A NEW PICTURE OF JOHNNY DEPP LOOKING NICE IN TIM BURTON’S NEW FILM DARK SHADOWS!

Michelle Pfeiffer also features, presumably because Burton momentarily mistook her for her wife. Oh we’re only joking, we’re looking forward to Burton’s soap-opera-vampire-romp really. And besides, he does sort of hand us these things on a quirky, gothic and ostentatiously introverted plate…

So yes, Johnny Depp is Barnabus Collins – a vampire suddenly awakened after 200 years, trying to reconnect with his descendants (we’ve all been there.) This is the third lot of pictures we’ve seen from the Dark Shadows set now (here and here if you’re jonesing for more). We’re sure there’ll be another photo next week. And it will be a closeup on Johnny Depp’s lovely, tortured cheek. And the article we write about it will be basically identical to this one.

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