Spider-vision to feature prominently in The Amazing Spider-Man

Oh Jeez. Do you remember the trailer for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man? Do you remember how it looked mightily awesome until the final few seconds, in which our vantage point merged with Andrew Garfield’s for a Doom-esque sequence apparently shot for your 10-year-old self’s Nintendo 64?

Well it turns out that this Spidey-vision, or whatever inanity it is likely to be christened, is going to feature prominently in the finished film. In an interview with MTV, Webb explained how the filmmakers had filmed as much of it practically as physically possible, hoping to immerse the viewer in the web-slinging experience. And guess what, we have 3D to thank for their decision.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it up to here, HERE, with 3D. I liked Avatar, I liked How to Train Your Dragon, I liked Thor 3D; but, and I’m setting aside the overpriced tickets until I’ve actually paid for one, enough is enough. I was looking forward to a Tobey Maguire-less Spider-man, but after a pants costume, a heavily critiqued Lizard design, and now this – the occasional reminder that your in fact watching a movie, or rather a ludicrously imposing screen-saver – I’ve been left wearing my admittedly hefty expectation like some sort of cilice.

However good the finished film may or may not turn out to be, I find it difficult to imagine how Sony might believe this innovation to be immersive? The shots of Spider-man soaring through the streets of New York were some of the original trilogy’s most impressive sequences, the trailer’s demo reel for Parker-cam: not so much.

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