Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here

Star Trek Into Darkness has an obviously attendant fanbase, and there have been quite a few unofficial nerd-made teasers floating around the internets for a while now. No need to keep making your own Lego Trek fantasies for Youtube any more, though. Well, at least stop for a couple of minutes and feast your peepers on the first official teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness. Shit just got real:

After a lot of dripfeeding, Star Trek Into Darkness feels like it’s finally announced itself as the blockbuster to beat in 2013. It looks like a bad day at the office for Kirk and co, as Benedict Cumberbatch returns (FROM WHERE?) to wreak vengeance on everyone ever (WHY? QUESTIONS QUESTIONS). So many questions. The answers to said questions appear to be incredibly loud and explosive, which is always a good thing. The vibe of Star Trek Into Darkness is unquestionably ‘moody second one’, with plenty of screaming, lava (never enough lava!), and explosions. Did we already mention those? We’re talking about different explosions! There are so many!

The best thing about this teaser? It’s the warm safe feeling that Star Trek Into Darkness will be brilliant. Can you feel it? J.J. Abrams proved himself to be an excellent choice for the franchise, and safe hands are a rare thing when the stakes are this high. We’ll not get too flowery, but from this new teaser it appears Star Trek Into Darkness is the return of a real big hitter. And now back to the explosions.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens in the UK on May 17th. Looking forward to it? Of course you bloody are! Tell us EXACTLY how much below.

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