Star Wars director updates – Colin Trevorrow!?

Star Wars news is coming thick and fast (what an odd saying) and the latest updates regarding the potential director for Star Wars Episode VII are rather interesting. First off, the bad news: Brad Bird has tweeted that he will not be directing the new Star Wars, however Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow has dropped a couple of enigmatic hints. Is he fronting Star Wars VII, or is he just fronting?

Brad Bird’s exit from the possible directorship is a bit of a blow. The man responsible for directing Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and The Incredibles, not to mention being a creative force behind Toy Story 3 and Up, would have been a great fit for the Star Wars job. Alas, he made it clear to all those on Twitter:

“Not doing Star Wars”

This tweet has since disappeared, although he has continued to deny any involvement with the new Star Wars project whilst promoting his own sci-fi flick 1952.

Meanwhile, the long-shot that was Colin Trevorrow is looking more and more likely. Safety Not Guaranteed is meant to be a rather good watch (we’ll find out later this week), and is all about messing with timey-wimey. Although this is the only feature film Colin Trevorrow has actually directed, his relative inexperience would actually be seen as a bonus for Disney studio executives, who would take the opportunity to drop mandates about showing new Star Wars LEGO toys. Perhaps we’re being cynical.

Colin Trevorrow dropped a possible hint on The MacGuffin Podcast back in June, where he said a loaded little titbit 21:45 and 22:24.

For those who can’t be bothered to watch a video for their Star Wars news:

“As far as professional life, I can’t speak with any specificity as to what the next thing will be. There are amazing opportunities that have arisen as a result of this. One of them, I will say, will probably create a great deal of ire against me on the Internet when people find out what it is. So, I just want to say in advance that I promise you, for all of those who love the mythology that I will be tackling, trust that I love it as much as you do. And I will respect it, and hopefully make it not suck.”

So yeah. That sounds like Star Wars. We’ll keep you posted on this exciting development!

Would you prefer a veteran or a newbie director for Star Wars VII? Will it make a difference?

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