The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gets a release date

Sure it might be a year until we get a first look at Marc Webb’s interpretation of Spider-Man, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from promising everyone a sequel. And it’s even got an initial release date: 2nd May, 2014. So… so that’s nice, isn’t it?

Though, actually, seeing as Marc Webb is only signed on for one film, it could be that the as-yet-non-existent sequel ends up being nothing to do with him. The only cast members locked in for definite are (unsurprisingly) Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone – which just goes to show Sony’s faith in what they’ve seen so far/knowledge that superhero sequels always make the big bucks no matter who’s at the helm.

Not much point in further speculation, really – trying to hypothesize the plot of a potential sequel to a film that still doesn’t quite exist yet will only end in desperate madness. Still. D’ya reckon The Lizard might rock up?

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