The Lost Symbol Is In Business

The real mystery of the Dan Brown franchise surely isn’t the secret code of the freemasons, but rather the mystery of its unending popularity. It’s really obvious that the stories are ridiculous, muddled, logic-defying and make no sense, right? You’re more likely to get an intellectually satisfying conclusion from solving the mystery of Where’s Wally. But ah well, Tom Hanks does that starey-eye thing in the films, which is pretty amusing. Can’t complain.

But who cares about our jaded, Wally-orientated opinions? Apparently not Hollywood, who have decided to turn Brown’s third book The Lost Symbol into another block-busting race against time. Though this decision was a bit inevitable, it’s still a brave move considering the last film, Angels And Demons, barely made half what The DaVinci Code made at the box office, raking in a mere $486 million. Alright fine, we admit it, that’s still a lot of pocket change. The big question now is whether Hanks will return for a third romp around some historic location inexplicably free of any security (alright, we’ll stop). The script hasn’t been written yet, but is being taken on by Steven Knight (of Dirty, Pretty Things), and in all likelyhood, Ron Howard will be back onboard as director. We still reckon Hanks would look better in a red and white stripey top and hat… come on Hollywood, Where’s Wally: The Movie! It’s the only thing that makes sense

Excited about Robert Langdon: Round 3? Or couldn’t care less? Let us know…

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