The Rock smashes stuff in Snitch trailer

The Rock, champion wrestler and cherished Best For Film icon, is in a brand new trailer today. Woo! News about The Rock! The Rock is in a trailer! Woo! This is the best news we’ve heard all week, and we’ve heard a lot of news.

The film is called Snitch and is, unsurprisingly, about a Quidditch tournament in which The Rock is suddenly recruited as Seeker and then – LOL JK that’s obviously not what it’s about. No, rather more boringly (but not that boringly because The Rock is in this film guys) Snitch tells the story of a man – played by The Rock – whose son gets arrested and sent to jail for drugs or something (The Rock is a FATHER? Somehow we can’t imagine that, maybe because the concept of him being anyone’s actual dad is too amazing). Then, in a plot development that doesn’t really make sense because of laws and that, Susan Sarandon, playing the DEA or something, allows The Rock to go undercover and get the dirt on his son’s crime bosses – in return Susan will shorten his son’s jail term. That vaguely seems like the plot of this film but then again who really care. Guys, The Rock is in it.

Anyways, have a watch of the trailer and tell us what you think.

Fairly run-of-the-mill stuff right? Bam! Drugs! Punching! Cars! Benjamin Bratt in sunglasses playing some sort of Mexican druglord! Lol at you, Benjamin Bratt, we all know your finest hour was Miss Congeniality. And what about that Barry Pepper, huh? Apparently Barry Pepper is the nicest man in the world but he seems to have an unfortunate case of the beards in this film. Oh well. You know how it is. Also: what about that Omar from The Wire action? Sweet. We’re pretty pumped for this. The Rock and all that.

Snitch is out in 2013 at some point. We love you, The Rock.

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