The Wolf of Wall Street tops ‘most profane’ list

Martin Scorsese’s searing new flick The Wolf of Wall Street has set at least one record – it’s become the most ‘fuck’-laden feature film on record.

With the sole exception of the documentary Fuck, which as you might expect clocks up more than 850 uses of the titular word – The Wolf of Wall Street tops the list with an impressive 506 fucks. Scorsese previously had two films in the top 10, with Casino now nudged down to 4th place and Goodfellas irritatingly bumped to 11th.

The list (you can find it here) makes surprisingly interesting reading – there’s pretty much no weighting towards objectively good or bad films, with Oscar-winners and forgettable stinkers amicably jostling shoulders up and down the rankings. In what other list would you find The Big Lebowski next to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The Boondock Saints hanging out with The Departed or Good Will Hunting sharing an armrest with Funny People? We might actually put together an evening’s viewing based solely on the films on that Wikipedia page; in fact, if you want us we’ll be watching I’m Still Here, True Romance, 8 Mile, Magic Mike and Crank 2: High Voltage back-to-back. BOOYA.

Of course, this is no guarantee that The Wolf of Wall Street, which is facing enormous criticism from basically everyone, will be good. Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some sweary statistics, though, does it? Yah boo sucks, Mary Whitehouse.

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