Todd Field to make action thriller

It’s been five years since Todd Field brought us the darkly brilliant suburban drama Little Children, a project that launched the career of Jackie Earle Haley (he of Watchmen and the misguided Nightmare on Elm Street reboot). Another half a decade before that Field brought us the Oscar nominationed In the Bedroom. Seems he’s a director who likes to take his time, but it looks like his next project is going to be worth the wait once again.

Based on the novel by Boston Teran, Creed of Violence is a thriller set on the Mexican-American border in 1910. When an assassin is forced to help a goverment agent break an arms smuggling ring, he does so without realising the agent has a hidden connection to him. Juicy. No word on who Field’s cast yet, but the prospect of him combining his usual character led approach with a much more action orientated script makes this one to watch.

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