Trailer for People Like Us is mind-flatteningly boring

So the first thing to know about upcoming drama People Like Us is that it was directed by the man who wrote Cowboys And Aliens and Transformers. That’s thing number one. Directed by the man who made Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig and aliens and cowboys ALL TOGETHER IN A BIG FILM catastrophically dull. The second thing to know about it that he also wrote this film. Along with Roberto Orci, who wrote Star Trek, which was good. So far, we’re all WHAT TO THINK and stuff. And then the first line in this trailer is “SO I HEAR YOU CLOSED THE DEAL”, setting off crummy exposition alarms across the nation and ruining our hopes forever.

People Like Us is about a man (Chris Pine) who HAS IT ALL but somehow HAS NOTHING AND STUFF at the same time, a man forced to look for a sister he never knew he had when his dad dies. That sister is Elizabeth Banks, who – we have to say – is looking a bit shifty whilst introducing the film. Her mouth says “WATCH THIS THING” but her eyes say “IF I’D HAD ANY IDEA THE HUNGER GAMES WAS GOING TO GO THIS WAY, THIS SCRIPT WOULDN’T EVEN HAVE HIT MY DESK.” Anyway, watch it, we’ll talk.

The best thing about the above mawk-fest is that writers of this film are obviously SO USED to dealing with atrociously boring stereotypes (look, that can happen even in the noble world of Transformers) that they have to clarify IN THE TRAILER that he’s probably not going to try and sleep with her. Even though we know they’re siblings. This team were SO WORRIED about the audience getting confused about a man and a woman talking to each-other if they weren’t going to end up boning that they have to clarify that it’s not going to end in incest. As if that might be less worrying to a mainstream audience than no-one boning at all. Does anyone want to watch this film? Haven’t we seen it already? It feels like we’ve already watched it, given it a 3/10 for Michelle Pfeiffer’s brave Not Putting On Any Makeup performance and then instantly forgot about it forever.

Oh, and Olivia Wilde is in it. She has one line and it’s “but you don’t have a sister.” Good on you, Olivia Wilde, you break those boundaries and then die and then come back to life inexplicably (*spoiler, Cowboy spoiler, but seriously though don’t watch it*)

But hey, maybe we’re wrong. Shout your opinion, they’re probably better:

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