Will (and Willow) Smith to re-make Annie?

Whip those ginger curls back and forth. Just when we thought it wasn’t possible for Will Smith to push his kids into the media limelight more, we hear that he’s planning an Annie remake. Starring his daughter.

Will Smith – once the coolest man to ever exist, ever – seems to be taking a step back from performing and generally being awesome in order to get his kids all famous-like. Like a pushy pageant mum? We’d be lying if we said no. His son Jaden (12) starred in the so-so re-make of The Karate Kid last year, and daughter Willow (10) recently took the music world by storm with her single “Whip My Hair”. Now it seems she’ll star in a re-make of the much loved classic musical Annie. But this time, Jay-Z is set to write the music for it. Yo.

Would you be up for seeing a pint-sized Smith as a loveable orphan? We have to admit, the girl has some pretty impressive pipes on her, and she’s ten, for god’s sake. Ten. Or should she be dragged out of the spotlight and be told to go school; to spend her time messing about with friends, getting paint on her clothes and chewing gum in her hair? Though, that’s one problem whipping it back and forth definitely wouldn’t solve…

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