Will the Steve Jobs biopic have an Aaron Sorkin script?

Three weeks after the untimely demise of Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson’s biography of the inventor and digital mogul has just been released and seems certain to be a bestseller.

Furthermore, Sony has reportedly acquired the rights to what seems certain to be the The Social Network of, in all likelihood, 2013.

And furtherFURTHERmore, The Social Network‘s Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is rumoured to be involved. AMAZE!

Nothing’s confirmed and nobody’s talking at this stage, obviously, but we couldn’t be more excited about this – Sorkin’s screenplay adaptation skillz are beyond reproach, and God knows the film will need someone who’s adept at capturing deeply flawed personalities. More on this as we get it.

More importantly, who do you want to see playing Jobs? Let us know below!

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