Willis to Team Up With Fiddy for a Second Time

Bruce “I’ll do anything for a Buck” Willis and Fiddy “look at my manly tats” Cent are to team up for a second time. After their massively anticipated film debut (that was sarcasm in case you didn’t get it) Setup they felt the need to inject more of their self-indulgent drivel into the public sphere.

Apparently they enjoyed working together immensely and, obviously less importantly, 50cent has a 10 picture $200m deal between his Cheetah Vision Banner and Hedge Fund Film Partners. What? Why?! Who in their right mind gave him that?! He can’t even convincingly play HIMSELF never mind the other gangsta characters he’s going to attempt!

So in a desperate effort to fulfil the contract they have come up with this wonderfully punny film called Fire with Fire. The story centres on a fireman in the witness protection programme. He is then threatened by the man he is going to testify against so taking the only logical step available to him he decides to take matters into his own hands. Oh my. Really?! Yes.

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