X-Men:First Class cries for help with new poster

OK, what? The marketing team behind X-Men: First Class have taken an interesting tack with their promotions campaign; apparently the theme is ‘Absolutely No-one Should Want To See This Film’. The posters so far have been pretty dismal, and now – hoping to lift our spirits – we’ve been treated to yet more photoshop photoshock. Why are you doing this to us, X-Men: First Class? We only ever wanted to love you.

Take a look, and remember, we’re not showing you this to hurt you, we’re really not.

Why bother? Literally why bother making a poster that we could have made with some safety scissors, sticky back plastic and partial blindness. Stop making posters, X-Men: First Class. Stop it, or we’ll have to gouge out our eyes.

X-Men: When The Pictures Died is released in the UK on the 30th May. If we make it that far.

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