Zemeckis to direct Dark Life movie version

Director Robert Zemeckis is to direct the movie version of Kat Falls’ novel Dark Life.  Zemeckis and the Gotham Group agreed to the deal earlier this weekend. So sci-fi fans, get ready for an underwater extravaganza which looks like it could be on the same scale as James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar.

The novel is based in the future where rising sea levels and natural disasters (no doubt caused by global warming we hear the environmentalists cry) has caused some people to begin living on the ocean floor. The children of this subaquatic metropolis start developing supernatural powers and the story follows an underwater teenage boy and a surface girl who team up to uncover a government conspiracy.

But how will the film be made we hear you ask? Well, it is unclear as yet whether Zemeckis will favour his usual method of performance capture over shooting live-action. Either way there is probably scope for a bit of both but we hope he chooses the latter as, after Back to the Future II and III, it would be good to see Zemeckis shoot a live-action sci-fi movie again.

How do you think Zemeckis should shoot the Dark Life movie version? Let us know below…

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