Zombies vs. Robots likely to be best thing ever

We’re not given to hyperbole here at Best For Film, but it does seem likely that once Michael Bay has produced the big-screen adaptation of post-apocalyptic comic Zombies vs. Robots (and he will) there will be no need whatsoever for anyone else to make any films ever again. Don’t you think? Spielberg, Scorsese, Almodóvar – guys, you’d better hang up your boots. You got beaten to it this time.

IDW, a small publishing house which has already given the world 30 Days of Night, has successfully flogged the rights to the comic in which the last remaining human child on earth is defended from ravenous zombie hordes by an assortment of spectacularly violent robots. All our favourite words are in that last sentence – zombie, horde, robots AND spectacular! We’re psyched. We’re spectacular-robot-zombie-horde psyched.

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