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  • Pop Up Screens – Christmas Edition

    Pop Up Screen events take place throughout the year, and can turn a movie-outing into something special. Over the next few days, the Christmas screenings continue, (thankfully) taking the films inside, away from that cold, damp English winter. To sample the silky hot chocolate, the crunchy popcorn and the homey mulled wine, Best For Film was invited to a screening of Bad Santa in a cosy warehouse just off Brick Lane.

  • Friday Drinking Game #70 – Christmas Films

    With Slade, Wizzard, and bloody Bob Geldof dominating the office playlist, and the rivers of mulled wine flowing at previously unprecedented levels, at Best For Film Christmas is definitely upon us. Every family has their own take on the Christmas traditions. Charades or the Queen’s Speech? Presents before or after lunch? Turkey and sprouts at lunchtime or at dinner? But one tradition that we know remains the same in all households is the Christmas film. In honour of this cinematic contribution to the festival of merriment, we have for your delectation: The Christmas Film Drinking Game. ‘Tis the season to be jolly well drunk.

  • Hot Tub Cinema – we dive into London’s soggiest screening

    In a bid to jump on the festive bandwagon, outré film fans Hot Tub Cinema have begun a week of extra-special Christmas movies in their ultra-luxurious settings. We sent along seasoned BFFer and bubble fan Kayleigh to see if the place really lived up to the hype. Would she find herself immersed in a relaxing pool, amidst refined company and carefully sipping from a flute of champagne as a movie merrily played out on the screen before her? Or was this going to be more no no no than ho ho ho…?

  • Bad Teacher

    Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake put aside their break-up and endured their fair share of on-set awkwardness to film Bad Teacher together. Sadly, like their previous collaboration on Shrek 3, it probably wasn’t worth it.

  • Top 10 overrated films of the decade

    It’s been a decent decade for films, all told. Not as great as the 80’s for sure, but then it has been scientifically proven that that’s impossible. But amidst all the rightfully praised top gear floating about there are quite a few duds that have inexplicably found themselves invited to the same swanky parties. But enough of these painful mixed metaphors – let’s discuss the ten biggest phonies of the decade, shall we?