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  • Top 10 TV shows and their cocktail equivalents

    We all know what this week brings; misleading weather, no more eggs, a newly risen God and a whole new Game of Thrones season for us to wreck our livers with. So we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve teamed our favourite TV shows with our favourite cocktails to give you one hell of a journey into an inebriated medieval paradise. Do your worst, Joffrey. We’ve got daiquiris on our side…

  • 10 new US shows you will watch (and how they’ll get you)

    How exactly does one come up with a killer idea for a TV pilot? Not only have all the good ideas been taken, they’ve been rehashed, span-off, re-made, re-imagined, re-worked flogged, revived and flogged again. And mostly, they’ve got Hugh Laurie in. Having examined the recent US small-screen output, we’re pretty confident we can see patterns emerging… The question is, which ones should you bother with?