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  • Leviathan

    Leviathan is a documentary from Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel that depicts the world of the North American fishing industry. Except, it’s not really a documentary. There are no talking heads, no plot, no story, no characters, and no meaningful dialogue whatsoever. Leviathan is a purely sensory experience. The many extended shots, some of which…

  • The Fifth Estate

    The Fifth Estate charts the rise and fall of one Julian Assange, and, more specifically, the world-changing website he created with Daniel Domscheit-Berg. With his WikiLeaks enterprise, Assange created a platform for whistle-blowers and revolutionaries the world over to leak damning and controversial documents entirely anonymously. All of a sudden, corporations, banks and governments the…

  • Oz: the Great and Powerful

    Oz: the Great and Powerful, the prequel to 1939’s The Wizard of Oz that everyone has been clamouring for these past 70-odd years (ahem), is most surprising in that it’s nowhere near the mess it promised to be. Luridly colourful and garish, but filled with likable performances and some excellent 3D. But while it may not be a total mess, but that’s not to say that it isn’t still wildly inconsistent at times.

  • Interview! We talk to King of Devil’s Island director Marius Holst

    With the home video release of King of Devil’s Island, one of the most astonishing films of the year, we at Best For Film were lucky enough to be invited to the top of a very tall building in London to interview Norwegian director Marius Holst. Thankfully, his English is superb, and he has plenty of insight into the stark, unforgettable story of the Bastøy Boys.

  • Friday Drinking Game #64 – Star Wars Episodes IV-VI

    It’s been a big ole week for film news, thanks to Disney’s decision to unburden George Lucas from the rights to Star Wars. The House of Mouse rocked the film world with its $4.2billion buy-out of Lucasfilm, promising that three new Star Wars films would be on the way, with the first one already in production and due some time in 2015. While there’s every possibility that the new films will be every bit as awful as the prequel trilogy, we’re trying to be optimistic about things. In the meantime, why not grab a drink and revisit the original trilogy with us in our Star Wars drinking game!