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  • Iggy Pop Biopic Cancelled

    Iggy Pop. You may know him as the lead singer of The Stooges, David Bowies’s Berlin boy, or the rather frightening topless puppet from the swiftcover car insurance adverts. What a life he’s had! Which makes it all the more of a shame that he has now pulled the plug on a film biopic. Why, Iggy, why?

  • Lindsay Lohan is released

    Ahh… we love the smell of justice evasion in the morning. After serving 2 weeks of a 90 day sentence, Lindsay Lohan has been released from prison, and is expected to start a rehab program as soon as possible. And when we say “rehab program”, we probably mean “a couple of days worth of saying sorry and drinking ribena”.

  • Lindsay Lohan could be free in 11 days

    Isn’t justice marvelous? It’s good to know that we live in a world that how sinful you are directly correlates to how famous you’ve become. I mean, yeah sure Roman Polanski raped a 13 year old, but he made all those films! He can’t go to jail! And yes, Lindsay Lohan has been convicted in a court of law, but come on, she was in Mean Girls! She doesn’t belong in the clink!

  • Lindsay Lohan jailed

    Oh dear, Lindsay. Less than a week after getting into trouble for running up a massive shopping bill and casually forgetting she had to pay it, Lindsay has landed herself in prison. For thievery? Nope. For not attending alcohol education classes. There’s only so far the law can bend for the celeb-type, it seems.

  • Jennifer’s Body

    The title of this movie says it all, really. Another in a seemingly never-ending line of horrendous teen slasher flicks, it’s based around the typically stupid premise of a high-school hottie who is inexplicably transformed into a blood-lusting demon. There’s only one reason I can think of that any of the movie going public would subject themselves to it – to have a good old perv at Megan Fox, aka said hottie-cum-demon, Jennifer Check.