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  • The A-Team

    The A-Team is ridiculous. But given that it’s based on perhaps the cheesiest TV series ever to star a be-Mohawked ex-wrestler with a serious thing for bling, that’s not really its fault. Anyway, the A-Team movie replaces him with a cage-fighter who has given all four of his sons the middle name ‘Rampage’, which is frankly BOSS.

  • New A-Team get some Nuts!

    The stars of new movie The A-Team turned out in style on the red carpet last night for the premiere at Leicester Square. The cast defended the film against criticism that it doesn’t match up to the ‘fun and family entertainment’ of the original 1980s TV series on which it is based.

  • The New A Team Has Arrived!

    Joe Carnahan has released posters of the new A Team. At last we have the chance to see who will be playing Murdoch, Mr T and all your other favourite A Team members. The posters look amazing, but fear not you A Team traditionalists – there is even talk of the original A Team members having cameo appearances in the new A Team movie.