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  • Sightseers

    How do you measure the success of a comedic film? Hilarity is such a subjective quality that it differs entirely from person to person. A truly great comedy, then, is one that can offer more than just jokes. Enter Sightseers, the latest work from Ben Wheatley, who has truly surpassed all expectations of what a comedy should be. It’s sweet, a little scary, delightfully surprising and totally endearing. Sightseers will have you smiling ear to ear and will give you far more than just the laughs.

  • 10 Films To See at Cannes 2012

    French film monthly Premiere has announced that Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom will be opening Cannes Film Festival 2012. To save you from having to find a French newsagent/actually read any French, here are the predicted titles that have us wishing that we could spend a week on Brangelina’s fuck-off-huge yacht…