Man of Steel to feature Black Zero?

Confidential details concerning the plot for Zack Snyder’s Superman film Man of Steel may have inadvertently been released by the strangest of sources. LEGO have released several playset titles for the new film, one of which is titled, ‘Superman Black Zero Escape.’

For those not familiar with the Superman comics, Black Zero was a mercenary ‘space saboteur’ who single handedly destroyed the planet Krypton and intended to do the same to earth. There has been no mention of this character up until now and with precious little information on Man of Steel’s release – save for a brief teaser trailer – fanboys are grasping at straws and deducing that the new LEGO set’s Superman playset title could be foreshadowing the character list for the new film. However, Black Zero was also the name given to a Kryptonian terrorist organisation, so even if it does transpire that the character does appear in Man of Steel, there’s no telling exactly which version of the villain we’ll be seeing.

According to IMDB trivia for Man of Steel, General Zod has already nabbed the role of main super-villain so we’re not expecting Black Zero to play a massive part in the film, especially considering that Snyder will also have the task of shoehorning in an origin story for Lex Luthor, the expected villain in the follow-up to Man of Steel. The film isn’t due to be released until summer of next year unfortunately, so fanboys will have a long wait to discover if their predictions have been correct.

What do you think of the possible new villain?

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