Buffy The Vampire Sleigh-er

This is another high school flick from up and coming schlock-horror director Joss Stick. Joss directs muse Hilary Flank and new teen sensation Bob Cattinson in the season’s greatest Christmas turkey.

This is in essence love story. James (Cattison) and Rebecca (Flank) are the envy of Palmerstone School. They have a love that many teens would die to have. One cold December night new girl Jess (Angel Jolly) moves to the town. She decides she wants James for herself.

James resists Jess’ advances, but she has a special ability. Jess is un-dead, a nightwalker, a vampire. She starts to attack other teens in the school, hoping that no one will notice she is the only one unaffected. She hopes that if they are the only two survivors he will have to be with her. As the body count rises and the blood begins to flow Bob and Rebecca must put their love to the test. In true horror style, Jess seems to win the day, and get her man.

However, James has an unusual trick up his sleeve and gives Jess a Christmas present she didn’t expect.

Rebecca is left in the cold holding the Christmas Yule stake. There is mistletoe and gore in this follow up to Joss’ ‘Tranquillity’

With a cameo performance from Mack Sack as father Christmas stealing the show.

If you are expecting a film with tinsel and baubles, this isn’t it, unless you like them covered in blood. This film is teen vampire by numbers; you will know the end even before it has begun. Yule (!) be wishing there weren’t twelve days of Christmas after this film.

Avoid at all costs to give yourself a merry Christmas.

Total Movie gives this 1 out of 5

By Bee Jackson

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