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Film blog title: Topless Robot
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Example post: First Hilariously Useless Look at the Lizard in the Spider-Man Reboot

Like a gajillion other people (over 12,000 followers on Twitter), we are ALL OVER Topless Robot. He must get tired of us swarming over his body like baby ants. Except, fortunately for us, he doesn’t. Good.

Blog creator Rob Bricken describes himself as “Guy who does Topless Robot. Self-loathing nerd. Lucky bastard. Frequenter of toy stores. Heavy drinker. Lover of much. Hater of more. Basically a bad person.” Swoon. We’d collectively marry him if we could. But we can’t – and won’t, because bigamy is dirty.

Rob edits the site and presides over a gang of fantastic workbots who are paid in oil, probably, and update more than once a day. Expect coffee-all-over-keyboard content that’s irreverent, up to the minute and barely SFW (well, okay, it is safe for work, but you know how sauce-pot fanfic can get).

The site itself is slick as hell, real 2.0 stuff with a massive thriving community, comment threads as long as a snake’s arse (that’s long, you understand. That’s pretty much all the snake) and – best of all – some impressive design work on the logo. Which does, if you look closely, feature a topless robot. Though not the kind you’d get turned on by. Unless you were, perhaps, another robot.

Which you aren’t.

Stop lying to yourself.

For opinionated film news, contrariness and out and proud nerdery, Topless Robot has to be your first stop. Unmissable.

Topless Robot, we salute you!

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