Twas the Night Before

“Buckle up tight, this is going to be one ‘heaven’ of a ride!”

Never before have I been subjected to such an ‘angelic’ portrayal of that beyond festive,
spiritual and plain swell night we all know as ‘Christmas eve’….just the thought of this
special day brings a tear reminiscent of a delicate snow flake to my twinkling eye. Just
thinking of those few lines…’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…..’
Oh what bliss!

This is a tale of Mary, a girl in her 20’s who was born and raised on a pig
farm in the scottish highlands. This charming, yet painfully shy girl has a dream; a dream
that reiterates the ambitions of the likes of Carrie Bradshaw, in ‘The Act of Making Love
and the City’* to become a writer.

Unfortunately Mary does not have the success she
whole heartedly deserves (dare I say a flaw in this film, but an obstacle that is necessary in
driving the narrative forward). She winds up working in a strip club, scraping what little
money she has. Christmas is around the corner, the bells are beginning to chime and the
sweet smell of mince pies is lingering in the air, so divine, you can feel your taste buds

Mary, desperate to get home to her farm for Christmas, is devastatingly struck with an almighty blow; severe snow (which of cause is a delight for the aesthetic value on screen) has caused all transport to come to a standstill. But as if the Angel Gabriel himself has come to her rescue, a rugged, muscular, hunk of a man comes to the rescue in the form of Joe in his snowplow. This is where our story begins to set sail!

Joe and Mary make their journey on Christmas Eve, they learn that Christmas really is about being with loved ones, and as if by magic they themselves begin to fall madly and deeply in love. Along the way they encounter an array of characters such as Ray, a (to their great surprise) talking reindeer. As well as Jessie a lost lamb. An uplifting ending, which involves the wedding of Mary and Joe, and with the support of Mary’s Parents (Kev and Tracy) the decision to become the only thing that feels right for them…shepherds.

*One must be cautious not to cause offense.

**You cannot I’m afraid smell the mince pies, but oh you can imagine!

By Poppy Rothwell

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